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Specializing in Canine Psychology and Pack Mentality for Rescue Dogs and All Dogs with Aggression, Anxiety, Fear, Lunging, Barking Symptoms


                     Member in good standing. #A-6285

                     Member in good standing. #A-6285

Welcome and thank you for considering my Find Your Inner Dog Training business.  As a dog owner, I have felt broken, ashamed and hopeless when I was faced with dog aggression in my own pack. Please let me help you before you decide to surrender your pet or euthanize it. There are solutions to your problems. 

My beautiful Petunia is alive today and helping me rehabilitate dogs.  I took the time to first enlist my veterinary professionals to rule out medical disease and pain and proceeded to behavioral professionals to train me to understand what she needed from me. I truly thought I had adopted a vicious dog.  I've been studying dog aggression for quite some time now and I fully understand the importance of advocating for my dog and understanding what I refer to as a dog's "threshold".  Dogs have a threshold of tolerance just as we humans do. How I solved a conflict in my 20's is much different now in my 50's.  I will use human analogies as well as dog to dog examples in order to teach you how to understand your dog.  

While Petunia is not the perfect match for every dog, she is wonderful with many of the large and problematic dogs.  I have successfully added two more dogs to my pack since I first witnessed her dog aggression in 2014.  I never thought I would be able to achieve that!


Because I believe jobs provide fulfillment for a dog, Petunia also works with me most weeks volunteering in the Alzheimer's Unit of a local memory care facility spreading joy to the elderly.  I can help you find jobs for your dog, too.  

My style of communicating with dogs is very different than many behavioral trainers. I immerse them slowly while building their trust and confidence and setting clear boundaries. Oftentimes, a dog who uses its mouth knows of no other way to solve a problem and may not have had the appropriate opportunity to receive those crucial teachings with its parents and siblings during its formative weeks after birth.  My style of pack leadership is very simple yet very clear and direct with both dogs and their humans.  

I am a hands-on trainer not only with leash communication but also with human touch and massage. I spend many hours rehabilitating dogs from rescue groups who live-in with us.  Our training helps place formerly difficult dogs into a permanent adoption home.

I look forward to helping you succeed with your pack!                                     Dianne Marcinizyn, Owner                                      

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