These cuties came in for training after being rescued by Desert Labrador Retriever Rescue.  

They have all graduated and gone on to their forever homes!!

Sophie arrived for leash aggression toward other dogs. What we discovered was that she needed some solid social skills, leadership and confidence to prepare for adoption. First, we had to figure out how to engage her. As we cleaned the play yard one day, Dianne turned on the hose and discovered a girl who was ready to play! Play infused with commands is what reached Sophie!  We immersed her in the pack slowly and taught her how to be a balanced dog while she waited patiently for months to be adopted. Congratulations, Sophie and Sue!

Rocky arrived here fully trained but was a bundle of nerves.  He had not been allowed to meet dogs off leash and didn't know how to play. He had learned to guard his food somewhere along the way and needed to be taught to trust humans to provide for him.  We taught him to trust the human hand and other dogs.  Who better to teach him the way to play than our very own Petunia! Yep, the same dog aggressive dog who is the reason this dog training business started in the first place... :-)


Tucker started his journey at the pound in Kingman, AZ in December 2015.  Desert Labrador Retriever Rescue saved him and started him on a journey to a new life.  

He was desperate for leadership and structure and he needed to learn better manners with dogs.  His resource guarding and subsequent dog fights got him booted out of a few places before he landed here with us.   In these videos and photos, you'll see him learning to respect food and his fellow dogs.  Structured play is a must when dogs like to play rough.  His dominant personality will require a firm but fair adopter to lead and guide him appropriately.  He is a gentle giant of a boy with humans who has learned so much here in a short time!  He knows all commands, can swim with encouragement, and rocks it on a treadmill!