DO YOU NEED A RUNNING PARTNER?  Rusty is a handsome young man of approximately 18 months of age.  He is just starting to mature but still has a lot of puppy energy about him.  He absolutely loves everyone and needs an owner who is committed to following through on the training he has received as well as providing his exercise needs several times a day.  He knows all of his commands and is still learning to relax in a car.  He is determined to be the driver if you let him!  He has an abundance of playfulness in him and has played well with many different dogs at his training camp.  He is a tall boy who likes to roughhouse with the right dogs and would be best with larger breed animals.  Due to his gorgeous size and high energy, he would be best in a home without small children to knock over.  He loves to run, play, treadmill, swim, walk, play ball and participate in just about anything that involves action.  If left alone unsupervised, he will find his own ways to amuse himself.  He is kennel trained and will bark to let you know he needs to potty outside.  If you are an active person, Rusty is your boy.

TUCKER - available for adoption through DLRR

Sadie And Ford

These two sweethearts worked with me each week on rules, boundaries and mastering the walk.  Ford the Lab caused a rotator cuff tear to his owner's shoulder as well as torn tendons.  Yep, surgery was needed. Both dogs paid little attention to their leaders and would run off  into the desert with no regard for commands.  So long as their owners stay committed, that should prevent future hospital stays!  Great job!

Bridgette - Adopted!

Jerry - Rehabilitated and able to remain in his  home!

Sophie - Adopted!

This video was a social media favorite!

Wilhelmina And Bobby D.

This beautiful pair are good, sweet dogs who needed to learn some very basic commands and leash manners.  One of the biggest obstacles their owner faced was being able to walk them and was forced to do it separately.  They both pulled hard on the leash and did not obey anyone!  As luck would have it, their mom met a great guy because she needed help walking these two dolls and he came to the rescue.  The rest of this story will unfold in time... ;-)

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