Do you have dogs who frustrate, embarrass or ignore you?  So have we! Do they drag you on a leash and bark at everything in sight?  Or maybe they pick fights at home and create chaos?  Who better to truly understand and help you than someone who has been in your shoes? Find Your Inner Dog trains both humans and dogs so that together we create harmony and balance in your household.  We have been down these roads more than once.  The key here is YOU and your leadership. Once we have a chance to reach the inner dog and understand what makes him tick or what motivates her, we'll then create a balanced training approach to overcome the unwanted and unsavory behaviors that exist. We'll teach you how to lead your pack and direct them. We do not claim to *fix* aggression but rather teach your dog how to make better choices while working hands-on with your whole family. Along with your dedication to reinforcing what you'll learn, Find Your Inner Dog will show you how training becomes a lifestyle and is fun.  You'll walk away with a different approach to pack mentality and the end result will be an engaged and fulfilled dog!  Yes, you'll have homework to do!

Once you've decided to begin, please complete a Contact the Pack form to get the ball rolling.  You can also click the link below.


Coffee Tawk $49

Do you have a few simple questions that need answers?  This 30 minute telephone chat may be all you need!  First, email me to schedule your appointment.  Please be specific as to the times of day and the days of the week that are best for you.  We can tawk over our morning coffee, on your lunch hour or at night when you've switched into relaxation mode.  You tell me what you need and we'll make it happen. 

Make a list of  your questions ahead of time to utilize your 30 minutes effectively then sit back and wait for the phone to ring. It's that simple! Credit and debit cards are accepted by phone and Paypal is also a payment option.  

Email Dianne at: to schedule your appointment.

Evaluation $150 per 90 minutes

Consultations are conducted by Dianne and start with her traveling to your home for a private consultation or by telephone or Skype if you are out of travel range.  She'll sit with your whole family and your animals to analyze and diagnose any problems you may be having. This meeting runs 90 minutes or more, if needed, where she'll answer your questions and recommend a training plan in order for you to achieve your goals.  You will be scheduled for training only when YOU are ready and committed.  A telephone consultation is a wonderful option for those of you needing advice from out-of-state. If a local trainer/ behaviorist is needed,  Dianne can recommend one in your area. 



This training is all about you and your dog connecting and communicating on your walks. Dianne will evaluate your dog's leash manners as well as your leadership style and body language. You'll work as a team with the appropriate communication tools as you learn and perform a structured walk (heel/stop/sit).  You'll learn how to walk your dog at a calm heel by your side and essentially stop your dog from pulling and dragging you, marking its territory and all of those unsavory bits that cause owners to dread walking their dog.  You'll meet with Dianne at her S. Scottsdale location for the first lesson before your dog exits the car.  The first session can last up to 90 minutes.  The remaining two sessions are an hour each and take place in a public setting such as Lowe's or Petsmart. Yes, you'll have homework in between walks and you won't be sorry!  **This program is NOT for leash reactive dogs.**

INDIVIDUAL LESSONS (Private) $125/Hour*

Teaching Hitch (formerly known as the human aggressive nipple nipper!) and his mom how to enjoy a patio restaurant lunch.  

Teaching Hitch (formerly known as the human aggressive nipple nipper!) and his mom how to enjoy a patio restaurant lunch.  

  • Understanding Yes and No
  • Find game
  • No Counter-surfing!
  • Treadmill training 
  • Crate training 
  • Swimming (no apartment pools, please)
  • Muzzle Conditioning
  • Fireworks/Thunderstorm Desensitization
  • Choose a dog at the shelter
  • Introduce new animal members to the pack including cats
  • Introduce a newborn baby to the pack
  • Patio restaurants/coffee house manners

*Two or more training sessions are usually recommended to set your dog up for success.      


Basic Obedience is the first and most important building block on which to create your foundation in your home and yard. It's also a mandatory starting point for reactive dogs and should be followed-up by the Advanced Obedience program which takes you and your pup outdoors.  

Obedience is a necessary and important step in building a relationship with your dog.  It also prepares your canine for our Advanced Obedience program.  A foundation that is built on trust and leadership will allow you to understand THE INNER DOG, its energy and body language. You will learn to speak DOG and your dog will start to understand you.

Training is a lifestyle and the ongoing daily commitment and consistency by YOU, your family members and pet sitters is necessary for continued success.  Dogs progress efficiently with dedication to homework, repetition and reinforcement of lessons by the family. Dianne may tailor your dog's lessons with new challenges to meet your dog's needs to keep training fun.  

Our 6-week Basic Obedience program is divided into 3 two-hour lessons for the whole family.  There is a two week period in between each lesson where we continue to work together behind the scenes to ensure your pack is on target.  At the beginning of each lesson, homework will be reviewed in a relaxed fashion and your questions answered before proceeding to the next lesson.  Basic Obedience covers some or all of the following (depending on your dog's learning potential):

  • Threshold manners
  • Structured Walk (heel, stop, sit)
  • Come on command (recall)
  • Sit/Stay
  • Down/Stay
  • Place command (Place is an object like a dog bed, towel, etc. that teaches your dog where to go and how to have an off-switch)
  • Manners when your guests arrive in your home

Weekly check-in by Dianne is provided for 90 days after training is complete at no charge so long as you continue practicing daily.  

*Please add $100 for each additional dog.  **This program is not for aggressive dogs.  Please see our Inner Dog Rehab Programs**.



Titty Tat Georgie and Jojo, 2016

Titty Tat Georgie and Jojo, 2016

Our Advanced Obedience program can be selected after your dog has completed our Basic Obedience program.  This 6-week program is divided into 3 two-hour lessons, every two weeks, and is the perfect supplement and the next step for the reactive dog who has solid obedience at home and is ready to face the world outside.  We will address what triggers your dog in the real world and teach him a new way to feel about life outside.  Advanced Obedience covers some or all of the following (depending on your dog's learning potential):

  • Leash reactivity towards humans and animals
  • Prey drive (managing it and fulfilling the dog)
  • Restaurant manners (relax quietly at a restaurants, on-leash parks, outside of dog park, coffee shop, etc.)
  • Focus work (focus on handler)
  • Feeding time triggers
  • Leash triggers
  • Introducing dogs and cats
  • OUT command (release objects)
  • Tug (dogs love this structured game!
  • Counter surfing

Weekly check-in by Dianne is provided for 90 days after training is complete at no charge so long as you continue practicing daily.  

*Please add $100 for each additional dog.  This program is not for aggressive dogs.  Please see our Inner Dog Rehab Programs.  A 10% discount will be applied if both Basic and Advanced Obedience Programs are purchased at the same time.


$1650 (2-week) rehabilitation*

$2150 (3-week) rehabilitation*

These programs are designed to allow the trainer to lay the foundation on your behalf and build a relationship with your dog.  BASIC and ADVANCED OBEDIENCE PROGRAMS ARE INCLUDED. Your dog will live with Dianne, her family and pack in an intimate, in-home setting 24/7 while being trained and rehabilitated. He or she will be on a structured exercise routine and training sessions throughout the day and will be treated like part of our family. Treadmill and swimming lessons are included at no extra charge (weather permitting for swimming). Veterinarian prescribed medications can be given at your request.

The 2- and 3-week rehab training will allow more intensive work to be completed.  Your dog will return to you fully trained.  The 3-week program is designed for those dogs who also have behavioral issues such as dog aggression, leash aggression, food aggression, resource guarding and human aggression. While many dogs qualify for our two-week REHAB, there are some who will require a longer stay, possibly beyond three weeks, for successful management by their owner of their more serious aggression issues. Please contact us so we can help you assess which program best suits you and your dog’s needs.  We do not claim to *fix* dog aggression but rather teach you and your dog successful socialization techniques.

In order for your dog to make a smooth transition into the INNER DOG REHAB program,  please crate train your dog well in advance of your scheduled program in order for its transition here to be relaxed and calm.  Please feel free to schedule an individual lesson ahead of time so that your dog learns to love the crate and sees it as its calm den. 

Your dog will also have real-life training experiences both indoors and out in the real world (unless it's way too hot in Arizona!).  Throughout the daily training, your dog will have the appropriate amount of rest to digest its lessons and decompress in between lessons. THE INNER DOG's philosophy is that quiet rest is important after intensive training. It also allows the dog to learn how to have an "off switch" which is key for your pack member to have long-term success once it returns to you. When appropriate, your dog will receive a massage and a bowl of homemade soup before it turns in for the night. Be sure to let us know if your dog has any allergies.

You'll be sent regular updates by text or video so that you can be included in this exciting transformation as it happens.  When training with Dianne is complete, she'll return your dog to you and train you and the rest of your family. She'll teach you to understand what makes your INNER DOG tick and what fulfills him or her as well as how to implement the structure and commands he or she learned.  

In order to ensure a smooth transition and see that the structured plan is maintained, ongoing weekly/bi-weekly check-ins are made by Dianne via phone or text for 90 days after training is complete at no extra charge.  Your dog's success will greatly depend on your commitment to follow through and remain consistent with our training protocol. 

Dianne limits her private rehabilitation students to ensure everyone has plenty of one-on-one time with her, not only for training but for play time as well.

E collar off-leash training is offered during the three week rehab program.  An additional cost applies only for the cost of the e collar.  E collar is used specifically for off-leash training and, if necessary, behavior modification with your permission.

Petunia muzzled.jpg



Our first girl, Lola.  Puppy mill survivor.

Our first girl, Lola.  Puppy mill survivor.

Go on vacation knowing your pup is safe at home with our family. He or she will receive all the comforts of home while you're away.  Your dog will live inside our carpeted home with the same luxuries our pack enjoys.  In addition to two meals daily, we offer exercise, too. During the hot months, a treadmill workout with misting system is the way to go with a cool down swim to follow (assuming your dog has already been trained).  Swim and treadmill lessons may be added on at a discounted rate.

One-on-one play time with Dianne, snacks, a massage and a warm bowl of dog soup at bedtime, ALL FREE, will send your pup into sweet dreams. With your permission, holiday meals are served, too!  *$25/per additional family dog.

Pastry loving her massage!

Pastry loving her massage!

Bruce is ready for Thanksgiving dinner!  Turkey, mashed sweet potatoes and kibble.  

Bruce is ready for Thanksgiving dinner!  Turkey, mashed sweet potatoes and kibble.  

We accept cash, checks, Paypal and credit cards.  A service fee of 2.9% will be applied for Paypal and credit card transactions.