2-week intensive training $1650

3-week intensive training $2475

This camp-style, board and train program is where your pup moves into our home and becomes a member of our training family. This program is most beneficial to families who are dedicated to training but may have busy lives that don’t afford all of the repetitive work that goes in to training a new habit and changing a dog’s state of mind.

  • manners at home and out in the world

  • obedience

  • dog aggression

  • leash aggression

  • food aggression

  • resource guarding

  • human aggression

  • jumping

  • barking

  • lunging

  • restaurant manners

    Once we receive your Contact the Pack form, we’ll decide together the length of program your dog needs.

    You'll be sent almost daily video updates so that you can be included in this exciting transformation as it happens.

  • Free check-ins for 90 days after training is complete at no extra charge.

  •  Your dog's success will greatly depend on your commitment to follow through and remain consistent with our training protocol. 

 Teaching Hitch (formerly known as the human aggressive nipple nipper!) and his mom how to enjoy a patio restaurant lunch.

Teaching Hitch (formerly known as the human aggressive nipple nipper!) and his mom how to enjoy a patio restaurant lunch.

Evaluation - $150

Evaluations are conducted by Dianne and start with her traveling to your home for a private consultation or by telephone or Skype if you are out of travel range.  She'll sit with your whole family and your animals to analyze and diagnose any problems you may be having. This meeting runs 90 minutes and she'll answer your questions and recommend a training plan in order for you to achieve your goals.  You will be scheduled for training ONLY when you are ready and committed.  A telephone consultation is a wonderful option for those of you needing advice from out-of-state. If a local trainer/ behaviorist is needed,  Dianne can recommend one in your area. 



This 3-1/2 hour training takes place over three weeks. It’s all about you and your dog connecting and communicating effectively on your walks. Dianne will evaluate your dog's leash manners as well as your leadership style and body language. You'll work as a team with the appropriate communication tools as you learn and perform a structured walk (heel/stop/sit).  You'll learn how to walk your dog at a calm heel by your side and essentially stop your dog from pulling and dragging you, marking its territory and all of those unsavory bits that cause owners to dread walking their dog. 

1st lesson - 90 minutes at Dianne’s facility and begins before your dog ever exits your vehicle. State of mind training happens right off the bat!

2nd lesson - public setting at a home improvement DIY store if your dog is ready

3rd lesson - outside the dog park or pet food store with more distractions

You'll have homework in between lessons.

 **Not all dogs will qualify for this program. Leash reactive dogs may require additional lessons for success.**


A solid foundation of manners and obedience are the most important building blocks on which to create your home and backyard success before ever taking your pup into the world full of distractions.   

Dianne may tailor your dog's lessons with new challenges to meet your dog's needs to keep training fun.  

Our 6-week Basic Obedience program is divided into six (6) 1.5 hour lessons for the whole family. There is a one week period in between each lesson where we continue to work together via text or email behind the scenes to ensure your pack is on target.  Questions are encouraged!  At the beginning of each lesson, homework will be reviewed in a relaxed fashion and any questions you have will be answered before proceeding to the next lesson.  Obedience lessons may include some or all of following depending on your needs and your dog's learning potential.  We will tailor the program to fit your needs. Here’s some of what we offer:

  • Manners when your guests arrive in your home (almost always the first lesson!)

  • Sit/Stay

  • Threshold manners

  • Loose leash walking (Structured Walk)

  • Come on command (recall)

  • Place command (Place is an object like a dog bed or towel that teaches your dog where to go and how to have an off-switch)

  • OUT Command (release object from mouth)

  • Structured tug along with OUT command

  • Feeding and leash triggers (think feeding time frenzy no more!)

  • Focus games

  • Brain games

  • Restaurant manners

  • Leash reactivity towards humans and animals 

Weekly check-in by Dianne is provided for 90 days after training is complete at no charge so long as you continue practicing daily.  

*Please add $250 for each additional dog.  

**This program is not for aggressive dogs.  Please see our Inner Dog Rehab Programs.

INDIVIDUAL LESSONS (Private) $125/Hour*

  • Counter surfing

  • Treadmill training

  • Crate training

  • Swimming (no apartment pools, please)

  • Muzzle Conditioning

  • Choose a dog at the shelter

  • Introduce dogs and cats

  • Introduce a newborn baby to the pack

  • Patio restaurants/coffee house manners (for trained dogs)


 Our first girl, Lola. Puppy mill survivor.

Our first girl, Lola. Puppy mill survivor.



Go on vacation knowing your pup is safe at home with our family. He or she will receive all the comforts of home while you're away.  Your dog will live inside our carpeted home with the same luxuries our pack enjoys.  In addition to two meals daily, we offer exercise and playtime. During the hot months, a treadmill workout with misting system is the way to go with a cool down swim to follow (assuming your dog has already been trained).  Swim and treadmill lessons may be added on at a discounted rate.

One-on-one play time with both Dianne and Rob, snacks, and a massage at bedtime, ALL FREE, will send your pup into sweet dreams. With your permission, holiday meals are served, too!  

*$25/per additional family dog.