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Petunia, Di, and Rosie the Find Your Inner Dog Training Pack

Petunia, Di, and Rosie the Find Your Inner Dog Training Pack

Find Your Inner Dog Training is a locally owned and operated Arizona dog training business.  We are skilled in dog obedience, dog aggression as well as leash reactive dog behaviors.  We serve the Scottsdale area and its surrounding communities.  We have vast personal experience with the beloved American Pit Bull Terrier and rescue dogs.

We would like to train both you and your canine with our in-home training program. With over 14 years of experience as a trainer and dog rescuer, Find Your Inner Dog Training is the leader among private dog trainers in the Valley of the Sun.

We encourage you read the reviews coming from our Facebook, Yelp, and Google+ pages. We are proud of our five-star rating across those sites and work hard to keep dog owners happy as well as help build the relationship between them and their family pet. We are dedicated to helping the canine and owner establish balance and harmony in the home environment.  

Whether your K9 is barking, lunging, leash aggressive, fearful, suffers from anxiety, or a counter surfer, we can help you find a solution. Please contact us today to help you get started in helping your dog.

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