This sweet little guy named Reggie is a Border Terrier/Shepherd mix and is about a year old.  He was found by his rescue hero at the Wild Horse Pass Chevron in September. He would not let anyone approach him but wagged his tail hopefully.  She spent three weeks gaining his trust when suddenly he was picked up by the reservation animal control. He was taken to their shelter and sat waiting for his family for three weeks.  They never came for him.

He passed all of his temperament tests and exams but still had to wait two more weeks for his neuter.  His hero checked on him regularly to make sure he was alright. Five weeks in a shelter is a long time for a dog.  By the time she was able to get Reggie out of the shelter and into her home, he had started to deteriorate and was in full blown fear mode.  

After hiding in the garage for four hours, he entered the house under her leadership and decompressed further before meeting his three foster brothers.  Out of fear and in survival mode, he defended his food.  Pack leadership by his human showed Reggie that fear was no longer part of his life.  He learned to conquer his fear of car rides and leashes in the process.  "Hmmm"... he thought to himself.  "Everything's gonna be alright".

He's now pottie trained and uses the doggie door like a champ!  With his foster mom to advocate for him and teach him proper dog socialization skills, he now runs and plays with the big boys!

In order for him to continue to flourish, Reggie will needs an owner who will keep order and be the leader of the pack.  He's a bit wary of women at first so it's best to practice the rule "no touch, no talk, no eye contact" at first.  Let Reggie decide when to come to you.  With his foster mom's extended family of women, he quickly relaxed and sought their affection.  

He's non-reactive towards cats and has not yet been tested with children.  As with all animals, it's best that all introductions to animals and people go slowly, especially children.  As with all dogs, Reggie's personal space is a very important factor to a successful introduction.

If you think you may be the right family for Reggie, please email  You won't regret it!