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Owner's Primary Phone While Traveling
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Alternate Phone While Traveling, i.e., hotel
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Emergency Contact's Phone Number
Include any recent injuries or surgeries, chronic illnesses, medication with dosage information, allergies and special instructions. Oral and topical medications must be provided in the professionally-labeled original prescription bottles unless other arrangements are made in advance.
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Veterinarian's Address
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Veterinarian's Phone Number
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Please acknowledge you have read the following statement and have sent these documents to Current vaccination records and proof of spay/neuter (if over 6 months of age) from your veterinarian must be on file at time of service. Please scan or take a picture of these documents and attach them to a separate email with your dog's name in the subject line. We will not admit any dog without proper identification/rabies tags, vaccination records (DHPP and Bordatella), spay/neuter documentation and signed agreements.
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Collar I.D. Tags Leash Breakfast and Dinner pre-measured in plastic baggies Vaccination records (DHPP and Bordatella)