Addendum to Holiday Camp Boarding Contract


This Addendum supplements your initial Holiday Camp/Boarding Agreement in order to provide for additional training and/or boarding for your dog, listed below.  This Addendum to the Holiday Camp/Boarding Contract incorporates all other aspects and terms of the initial contract by reference without amendment.

The terms of your dog’s stay are the same as in the initial Agreement with the exception of the dates and times:

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Drop-off Date *
Drop-off Date
Pick-up Date *
Pick-up Date
By signing or typing my name below, I give my consent to participate in future activities and services with FIND YOUR INNER DOG, LLC and that I have read, understand and agree to the contents of this contract.

CHECKLIST REMINDER: Vet records prior to boarding, Collar, I.D. Tags, Leash, Medicine, Food (pre-measured food for each meal must arrive in plastic, sealed bags).